The Australian Penny

Prior to 1911 British currency was the official penny of the realm for Australians. The period from 1911 through to 1964 was the era when the Australian penny was the smallest whole unit coin produced. In Australian they were first minted in bronze with some pennies also made from copper.

The first few years of Australian currency saw its pennies minted in other Commonwealth territories. Though there were mints operating in Australia they could not process the bronze required to mint such a low denomination. London or India was the manufacturing site for these coins from 1911 to 1918.

In 1964 the last Australian penny was minted. Soon after Imperial currency would be superseded by the decimal currency still in use today.

An Australian penny is now the realm of the coin collector. They can range in value from a few cents up to over a million dollars. This gives them a wide scope for both the novice coin enthusiast and the avid Australian collector.

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